Green Cleaning Services from American Empire

At American Empire Building Services, we are passionate about offering green cleaning services, not only for the sake of reducing our own environmental impact, but also because of how important it is to our clients. According to ISSA, green cleaning is the number one trend in our industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down. We strive to stay on the forefront of green cleaning knowledge and methods, always choosing practices that balance efficacy and sustainability in the best interests of our clients.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Whenever possible, we choose the most environmentally friendly cleaning methods available. At American Empire, we consider ourselves to be stewards of both the outdoor and indoor environments. When we increase energy efficiency, decrease water waste, and choose post-recycled paper products, it benefits the outdoor environment and society as a whole. But environmentally friendly also applies to the indoor environment when we remove indoor pollutants, improve air quality, and create a healthier space for building occupants.

Indoor Environmental Quality

According to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), strategies that address indoor environmental quality (IEQ) can “protect human health, improve quality of life, and reduce stress and potential injuries.” Indoor pollutants can lead to a host of problems. Allergens and asthma triggers in a building lead to increased sick days and decreased productivity. Harsh cleaning chemicals with additives and fragrances can trigger symptoms in individuals with chemical and fragrance sensitivities. At American Empire Building Services, we clean to improve quality of life, going beyond appearance to address microscopic particles and organisms that threaten human health.

American Empire IEQ Strategies

• Where possible, we use floor care machines that remove soil, contaminants, and pathogens through vacuum extraction. We also use microfiber mops that are more effective and hygienic than standard string mops.
• Our backpack vacuums with HEPA media filters capture many allergens and asthma triggers, improving indoor air quality and occupant comfort.
• We have replaced toxic cleaning chemicals with green cleaning solutions that are safe for cleaning workers and building occupants alike.
• We maintain building HVAC systems, keeping them clean and preventing pollutants from accumulating and spreading throughout the building.

What it Means to Be a Green Cleaning Company

When it comes to green cleaning, we look to expert certification bodies to set the standard for us. We exclusively use cleaning solutions that are certified by Green Seal, the first nonprofit in the United States to create science-based sustainability standards. For facilities that are working towards USGBC LEED Certification, our cleaning services can help you earn points needed for certification.

At American Empire, our cleaning staff receives ongoing education on green cleaning advancements. We train cleaners to maximize effectiveness while minimizing waste. Equipment is maintained to peak performance, improving efficiency and reducing energy usage.

We provide a recycling program for everything from glass, cans, and paper, to printer and copy machine toner cartridges. We also use paper products produced with post-recycled materials and offer post-recycled supplies to our clients.

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