Janitorial Services in San Francisco Bay Area

At American Empire Building Services, we offer a comprehensive menu of local and commercial janitorial cleaning services in San Francisco Bay Area. In order to assure a repeatable, high quality clean for every new client, we use a three-step process:


We work closely with you to identify the needs and challenges of your facility.


Drawing from four decades of experience, we use a systematic approach to address your facility’s needs, including setting frequencies and standards for routine and project cleaning tasks.


We maintain a proactive inspection process and document and analyze our results to hone in on the most efficient and consistent approach.

Routine Janitorial Services

When we schedule our routine janitorial services, we take into consideration two major factors, usage and risk. When areas of a facility are used at much higher rates, we have to step up our cleaning frequency to keep up with soil levels. When cleaning frequencies drop too low, soil buildup starts to degrade the surface, causing it to look dingy and require replacement sooner. Likewise, when areas of a facility present greater risk, we have to step up our cleaning methods to answer that risk. By nature, restrooms involve potentially risky biological contaminants that must be effectively removed so they don’t spread throughout a facility. Food preparation areas also come with greater risk, because human beings are vulnerable to ingesting dangerous substances if their food is contaminated.

High-Usage Areas:

• Entrances and lobbies
• Common areas
• Conference rooms

High-Risk Areas:

• Restrooms
• Kitchen and break room
• Cafeteria

The Building Service Contractors Association

Representing a worldwide network of over 1,000 companies, the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI) provides its members with opportunities for education, certification, and networking. As a longstanding member, American Empire Building Services keeps abreast of industry research, trends, and best practices through BSCAI. President and CEO Larklyn Milstein is on the board of BSCAI, helping to shape the organization that does so much to serve cleaning contractors around the world.

“I have formed relationships through BSCAI that have led to invaluable feedback from other BSC owners. It has helped me tap into industry best practices in areas from products to labor to estimating. BSCAI has been a endless resource for our company.”

-Larklyn Milstein, President and CEO of American Empire Building Services

Project Cleaning:

• High dusting
• Ceiling tile cleaning
• Chandelier cleaning
Wood cleaning and polishing floors and elevators
• Bathroom grout cleaning
Window cleaning
• Heavy waste removal
• Handyman services

Day Porter Services:

• Cleaning and restocking restrooms
• White boards
• Reset conference rooms
• Chair and table set ups for meeting
• Restocking food
• Dish retrieval and cleaning
• Loading and unloading dishwashers
Exterior cleaning

Supply Services:

• Paper products
• Trashcan liners
• Restroom supplies
• Cleaning solutions
• Equipment
• Custom Floor Matting

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