Who We Serve

Industries We Serve in the San Francisco Bay Area

With a wide range of commercial janitorial and maintenance experience on our resume, we serve many industries in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s a lit of facilities that we expertly clean to create value for our customers.

Janitorial and Building Service


In the Bay Area’s professional offices, a pristine appearance is just as important as infection prevention. We help support the wellbeing of office spaces by cleaning to maintain the image of an office building and the inhabiting businesses.

We also clean for health by emphasizing touch points and stopping the spread of disease.

hotel Cleaning Service


When it comes to maintaining a luxury home-away-from-home for hotel guests, every detail counts. American Empire Building Services performs routine cleaning services for hotel public areas, restaurants, bars, and more.

We also provide specialty services like high dusting, chandelier cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard surface and stone floor care.

 schools, colleges, and universities cleaning services


Bay Area schools, colleges, and universities serve diverse populations of occupants. Students with asthma and allergies can be very sensitive to airborne dust or harsh chemical cleaners. In order to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment, we clean for health, focusing on removing allergens and asthma triggers while using non-irritating green cleaning products.

American Empire Building Services also helps schools and universities meet their green and sustainable cleaning goals, including LEED certification.

Hospital Cleaning services


In medical facilities more than any other facility type, cleaning is critical to protect vulnerable individuals and prevent infection. American Empire Building Services staff understands the danger of pathogens and how they spread throughout a facility.

We safeguard your patients with frequent touch-point cleaning and clearly defined disinfecting processes in high-risk areas.

Apartment building cleaning

HOA Common Areas

Tenants in apartment buildings and condos mostly clean and take responsibility for their own spaces, but common areas can take a beating. We maintain clubhouses, meeting rooms, workout areas, and restrooms to give your tenants a welcoming environment.

We also emphasize the importance of immaculate lobbies, hallways, and elevators, since these are areas that prospective tenants see first.

Events Cleaning Services

Entertainment & Events

We are adept at serving the needs of entertainment facilities and event planners. We provide the flexibility and efficiency to create a high-quality appearance amidst a chaotic event schedule.

From setup to breakdown, we provide janitorial and porter services to indoor and outdoor events, including our specialty services like window cleaning and power washing.

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